Joel Ross recently returned to Concordia after a five year hiatus. He is triumphantly returning having recently been awarded his professional Architecture Registration in Louisiana and will serve as a project manager, urban planner, and project architect.

Joel was first introduced to large scale urban planning efforts as a result of Hurricane Katrina both as a storm affected resident and a student. Mr. Ross took an immediate interest in the post-Katrina planning and community engagement process unfolding in front of him. He witnessed firsthand an unprecedented planning experience and was given the opportunity as a professional to play a role in the planning process while at Concordia. It was at Concordia where Joel learned the importance of community engagement in the context urban planning and architecture.

As these post-Katrina planning efforts gave way to more physical construction projects, Joel went to work for John C. Williams Architects on projects ranging from boutique retail projects to an award-winning dormitory at Tulane University, his Alma Mater. Joel worked on over 35 local projects while at Williams Architects on projects focusing on historic preservation and adaptive reuse to new construction. Joel is currently looking forward to bringing his recent experience and passion back to Concordia.

He is an amateur cartographer and a very amateur auto mechanic.



Current Memberships:
Urban Land Institute โ€“ Emerging Professional
British Motoring Club of New Orleans
Creative Alliance of New Orleans โ€“ Board Member

Previous Memberships:
Emerging Green Builders Member
US Green Building Council Member
NOLA YURP โ€“ Board Member
Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools - Design Committee
Broad Community Connections - Design Review Board