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  • Wheatley Community School Planning

    • 2014
    • San Antonio, TX

    Concordia was hired by the San Antonio Independent School District, in partnership with SAHA and United Way, to engage the community in transforming, Wheatley Middle School into a community school and nexus for community life. Concordia designed and executed an engagement process that built off of years of previous research and engagement efforts. Through a… Continue reading

  • Lagniappe Academies Modular Campus

    • 2011
    • New Orleans, LA
    • K-8 school

    The Lagniappe Academies Modular Campus is one of the first true community schools in the city of New Orleans—it is situated within the predominantly low income, black neighborhood it serves, enabling students to walk to school and increasing a sense of collective ownership within the community. The K-8 campus, nestled in the parking lot of a former Winn Dixie grocery store, is comprised of six modular buildings, each identifiable by its unique color and all of which are connected by elevated walkways.

  • Liberia Renaissance Education Complex

    • 2008
    • Monrovia, Liberia
    • K-8 school

    Instead of focusing on which elementary school is the best, which middle school has the best sports teams, or which high school offers the most innovative college prep courses, Liberians fight a daily battle to find food to feed their families and ways to pay for medical care. Concordia collaborated with the Big Picture Company (Providence, Rhode Island) to develop a school master plan for underprivileged children in Monrovia, Liberia.