• Location New Orleans, LA
  • Client Private
  • Area 500 sf renovation/addition
  • Cost $175k
  • Project Team:


Pleasant St. Residence

This project involved renovating and expanding the kitchen and master bedroom suite of a historic home in uptown New Orleans. A scientist and nature lover, our client wanted to bring the ambiance of his forested back yard into his living space. Our design response is modern but warm, accommodating the view, but still relating to the original 19th century architectural craftsmanship through attention to detail.

The signature of the design is a glass wall looking out to the back yard from the kitchen and second story master suite. Influenced by the harmonic proportions found in music, we designed a pattern of windows that gives the space a sense of lift by gradually shifting upward from larger to smaller. The interior space incorporated the same design principle and harmonic ‘key’ (see graphic below). From the architectural scale down to the millwork, this space was designed to resonate with a cohesive set of beautiful proportions.

Harmonic Design Chart


Harmonic Design Diagrams
Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Shelves