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  • Unified New Orleans Plan

    • 2006
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Urban recovery planning

    Following Hurricane Katrina, Concordia convened and facilitated an interdisciplinary team of urban planners, architects, and community organizers to develop the Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP). Twelve national and local architecture and urban design firms collaborated to deliver ten district plans and one citywide redevelopment plan in less than five months, and the plan included voices of more than 9,000 current and displaced New Orleans residents.

  • Tornado Rebuilding Master Plan

    • 2012
    • Springfield, MA
    • Recovery planning

    Concordia led a citywide planning process in Springfield, Massachusetts as the city worked to recover from a devastating tornado. These meetings were not simply lecture-style gatherings, but opportunities for residents and stakeholders to sit around small tables and have lengthy discussions and conversations about issues and projects that were important to them.

  • Rebuilding Léogâne

    • 2011
    • Léogâne, Haiti
    • Recovery planning

    Beginning in 2011, Concordia has worked collaboratively with the United Nations, Notre Dame University, Wirth Development, and Schools for Children of the World to expedite and coordinate planning for post-earthquake recovery in the city of Léogâne, Republic of Haiti.