Joel Ross

Senior Project Manager

Joel Ross is a project manager, urban planner, and project architect at Concordia. He was first introduced to large scale urban planning efforts as a result of Hurricane Katrina while a thesis student as the Tulane School of Architecture. After graduating, he was able to play a professional role in the rebuilding process as an intern architect and planner at Concordia. Mr. Ross was given the opportunity to work on the unprecedented Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP) while at Concordia, where he learned the importance of meaningful and robust community engagement in the context of urban planning and architecture.

Many of these post-Katrina urban planning and engagement efforts have since progressed into the architecture and implementation phase. As an architect, Joel has helped design and manage over 50 local projects ranging in scale from a 300 key hotel in the CBD to a temporary yonic sculpture at the Louisiana Superdome. He has worked on award winning projects that focus on historic preservation, adaptive re-use, and new construction.