Veronika Suarez

Designer, GIS Specialist

Veronika recently joined Concordia after a concentrated effort centered around engagement and planning. With an educational background grounded in community development and equitable design, she is invested in architecture and planning as a practice of advocacy and social justice, in which design is a practice of inclusion. Veronika’s projects have explored ways in which design and data can impact underserved communities, covering topics of affordable housing in climate crisis and universal design in modern hospitality models. In 2019, Veronika and her team were recognized in the AIA Emerging Professionals Exhibit “Designing for Equity.”

Born and raised in Miami, Veronika believes the life of a city comes from its culture bearers – because of this, she believes in the power of data and graphics as a tool of communication that can inform and empower cities and its communities to create equitable environments. Outside of Concordia, Veronika is a community doula and enjoys latin and swing dancing.