• Location New Orleans, LA
  • Client Jackson Brewery
  • Program Adaptive reuse, renovation, new construction, retail, commercial, residential, development
  • Project Team:


Jackson Brewery Development

The Brewhouse at the Jackson Brewery was the first major addition of contemporary architecture to the historic French Quarter in over 80 years, on a site overlooking the Mississippi River. The design and construction of the 85,000 square foot renovation was accomplished in less than two years notwithstanding requirements for review and approval by the Vieux Carré Commission, U.S. Department of Interior, City Planning Commission, Army Corps of Engineers, Public Belt Railroad and New Orleans Levee Board. The adaptive reuse design combines historic replication for facades facing the French Quarter and contemporary materials like glass and aluminum for additions facing the emerging riverfront development. Major contemporary additions were contained in a rectangular aluminum and glass cube and pyramid element mounted vertically through the building’s historic four story structure. Concordia integrated a contextually sensitive contemporary design within the context of historic preservation, resulting in a richly layered dialogue between old and new, solid and void.