Certification in Resident-Centered Community Planning

5-month experiential training
Concordia invites learners into their twenty years of experience facilitating projects that dissipate the boundaries between planner and community member.


This 5 month course is grounded in Concordia’s twenty five years of experience in resident-centered processes, facilitating projects that dissipate the boundaries between planner and community member. The curriculum condenses this “in-the-trenches” experience into easy-to-digest and actionable learning, while challenging participants to draw on their own life experience to unpack and explore key concepts.

After this course...

  • Participants will be able to confidently design, facilitate, and advocate for resident-centered planning processes that set new standards for community engagement.
  • Participants will understand and be able to guide the arc of a community-centered planning process, and walk away with a concrete a toolkit applicable for any project or discipline where community members should have ownership over a decision-making and planning process.
  • Participants will have developed an embodied understanding of a new, evidence-backed way of working that puts relationships at the center of achievement; they will be able to lean on a community of peers who have experienced the personal and professional transformation of operating with resident-centered values.

What to expect

The course is structured with an opening and closing retreat bridged by 7 online lessons. The online portion of the course includes lesson content every other week. Participants receive:

  • A link to a 12-min. or less video to watch, along with the accompanying audio (podcast-style) in case they prefer to listen while driving, cooking, showering, etc.
  • 3 to 4 reflection questions to journal on or discuss with colleagues, family, friends, or classmates.
  • One or two action-oriented assignments, which will take 1-2 hours of solo time.
  • A Zoom link to join for a scheduled, live, 60-min. class discussion.

Every two weeks participants will receive an email with a “lesson packet” containing bite-sized learnings, the objectives of which are clearly articulated at the outset of the course so that participants can easily follow along. They are able to track progress against learning goals through self assessment opportunities and have access to “office hours” when extra support is helpful.

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