Sara Allen-Harper

Architect & Project Manager

Sara Allen Harper is an architect, artist, and educator with ten years of experience in residential design and construction and as an an arts/architecture educator. While a student at the University of Virginia, Sara Allen was part of a design/build research team exploring temporary disaster recovery housing both domestically – the Gulf Coast post-hurricanes Katrina and Rita – and internationally – Haiti post-2010 earthquake. Housing equity has been a driving force in her work and education since, which eventually brought her to New Orleans and Tulane University. A student-builder of the Small Center Ozanam Inn day space and the Urbanbuild 12 home, and co-teacher Urbanbuild 14-17 homes, she is an advocate for the design/build curriculum and women in the building arts.

Sara Allen is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. When not at Concordia, she, her husband, and two small children enjoy exploring the everyday wonders of their home city, New Orleans.