• Location Emeryville, CA
  • Client Emeryville Unified School District
  • Program PreK-12 school, athletic fields, wellness center, public library, city recreation facilities, community meeting rooms, welcome center
  • Area 130,000 SF
  • Project Team:

    The Nexus Partners: DSKArchitects (Architect of Record), Concordia (Design Architect), MKThink (Design Architect), Marta Fry Landscape Architects (Landscape Architecture), BKF (Civil), Murphy Burr Curry (Structural), Integral Group (MEP), Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc. (Acoustical), Page + Moris, Ouye Mingram Consulting, LLC (Library), Stansen Specifications (Specifications), The Marshall Associates, Inc. (Food Service), Alesha Keintzler (Wellness), Fehr + Peers (Traffic Engineer), Davis + Associates Communications, Chris Bui (Community Engagement)

Emeryville Center of Community Life

The Emeryville Center of Community Life embodies an authentic spirit of collaboration in many aspects.  First, the project came about through a unique partnership between two governing entities: the City of Emeryville and the Emery Unified School District.  Second, the skills and talents of three architectural firms and more than ten specialized consultants were united into a single collaborative planning and design group called Nexus Partners.  A third collaboration was developed through a community based planning and design process that included more than twenty hands-on design workshops and more than fifty hours of collective comments and stakeholder feedback. The creative ideas gathered from this far-reaching team of citizen planners and school personnel were then applied to articulate a creative framework for the final design.

The site will serve as a community nexus, where schools, community services, art and recreation programs are strategically integrated to form a vibrant and healthy gathering place for the entire Emeryville community.  The primary design goal was to commemorate and enhance the city of Emeryville’s ongoing civic and economic metamorphosis.  Like butterflies emerging from their cocoons, the building’s entry points and rooflines highlight forms and spaces that reach upward and outward, as a manifestation of the community’s soaring growth and aspirational spirit.  A central circulation spine will double as an ongoing “community canvas” for event programming and educational content.