• Location New Orleans, LA
  • Client Lagniappe Academies of New Orleans
  • Program K-8 school
  • Area 14,000 SF
  • Project Team:

    Concordia (Architect of Record), Quick Buildings (Modular Building Manufacturer), Heaslip Engineering (Structural), A-1 Electrical Contractors (Electrical), Landis Construction (Contractor)

Lagniappe Academies Modular Campus

The Lagniappe Academies Modular Campus is one of the first true community schools in the city of New Orleans—it is situated within the predominantly low income, black neighborhood it serves, enabling students to walk to school and increasing a sense of collective ownership within the community. The school is a campus among campuses—it is located adjacent to the former Iberville public housing, and the French Quarter.

The K-8 campus, nestled in the parking lot of a former Winn Dixie grocery store, is comprised of six modular buildings, each identifiable by its unique color and all of which are connected by elevated walkways. The buildings are situated around a central forum, emphasizing the school as a village for learning. The walkways feature Arts and Crafts inspired detailing that highlight the Caribbean influences on New Orleans vernacular architecture. The symbiosis between indoor and outdoor learning along with the identity provided by the colorful campus creates a sense of community and pride among students.