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  • Isle de Jean Charles Resettlement

    • 2016
    • Isle de Jean Charles, LA

      In 2016, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded the State of Louisiana $92.6 million to implement two coastal resilience-building projects. One of those projects, awarded $48.3 million, is the resettlement of Isle de Jean Charles. The administer of this grant, the Louisiana Division of Administration’s Office of Community Development, Disaster Recovery… Continue reading

  • Milton H. Latter Memorial Library Renovations

    • 2016
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Library, Computer Lab, Offices, Reading Rooms, and Storage Space for the Milton H. Latter Branch and the Friends of New Orleans Public Library

    Concordia was hired by the City of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to produce a Comprehensive Facility Assessment and Master Plan for improvements. The Master Plan recommended breaking the project in two phases, linked to available funding sources from FEMA, CDBG, and the City of New Orleans. Phase I included a full… Continue reading

  • Panavision New Orleans

    • 2015
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Film Equipment Rental, Film-post production offices

    Concordia worked with Panavision to repurpose an Elmwood warehouse into a state of the art film production equipment rental space and post-production studio. The space includes a lobby/store, editing rooms, offices, kitchens, a theater, and an equipment rental warehouse. The design of the radial lobby space is based on a camera lens. During post-occupancy, Panavision staff… Continue reading

  • Ava Gardens

    • In Progress
    • Havana, Cuba
    • Museum, Restaurant, Gardens

    Ava Gardens is Concordia’s first project in Cuba. The gardens will include a restaurant with outdoor seating overlooking a large natural garden peppered with the cultural centerpieces of the museum: vintage neon signs and cars. As Cuba opens up to economic exchange with the United States, the image of Havana lined with classic cars from… Continue reading

  • The Roux Carré

    • 2015
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Pop-up food vendors, culinary kitchen, live music

    The Roux Carré is a culinary incubator and food hub that anchors OC Haley Blvd in Central City. Six food “pods” and a culinary kitchen are organized around an internal courtyard that is covered by a shade canopy. An informal stage supports live music, and outdoor seating provides a place to relax and taste the variety… Continue reading

  • Wheatley Community School Planning

    • 2014
    • San Antonio, TX

    Concordia was hired by the San Antonio Independent School District, in partnership with SAHA and United Way, to engage the community in transforming, Wheatley Middle School into a community school and nexus for community life. Concordia designed and executed an engagement process that built off of years of previous research and engagement efforts. Through a… Continue reading

  • Ursuline Academy Early Learning Center

    • 2010
    • New Orleans, LA
    • PreK early learning center, drop-off and event pavilion

    In 2010, Concordia completed the Ursuline Academy Early Learning Center. Concordia worked closely with Ursuline’s teachers and staff to develop a curriculum and appropriate architectural design for the school based on the environmentally rich education principles developed by the citizens of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

  • The Tribune Building

    • In Progress
    • Wisconsin Rapids, WI
    • Programming and design for community cultural hub

    Concordia is currently leading a ground-breaking community effort to reuse and reprogram an historic former newspaper printing building on the riverfront in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. At the core of the engagement process, community members suggested program options, voted for and refined popular ideas, and then allocated building space in pursuit of a final program portfolio.

  • Campeche Bed and Breakfast

    • 2017
    • New Orleans, LA

    The historic building at 634 N. White tells a transformative architectural story. Located in the Parkview Historic District, the building was originally constructed circa 1920 as a single-family, one story shotgun double built in the Craftsman Style. Circa 1940, the house was renovated to include a raised basement and one story stucco storefront addition, and… Continue reading

  • Lagniappe House

    • 2008
    • New Orleans, LA

    The LEED Platinum Lagniappe House, designed for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Project, is highly praised among neighborhood homeowners for its responsiveness to its geographic and cultural context. The Lagniappe House was the most popular design chosen by the Make It Right Foundation’s Lower 9th Ward residents.

  • THINKAlex Resiliency Plan

    • 0
    • Alexandria, LA
    • Resiliency planning, Graphic design

    Concordia has served as the project lead and coordinator of the Resiliency Planning process, dubbed THINKAlex, which includes facilitating community engagement to guide the creation of a new land use plan, housing plan, and transportation plan, concluded by the revision of the city’s development code.

  • Jefferson-Houston School

    • Construction
    • Alexandria, VA
    • PreK-8 school

    Located in historic Alexandria, Virginia, the design for the Jefferson Houston School references local Art Deco architecture, which has been interpreted and simplified to create a sleeker, more contemporary design aesthetic that fits into the local context and represents the innovative educational mission of the parents, students, and teachers. The new school will become a teaching tool with architectural “manifestations” where students can learn about how the building works. The project is expected to be complete in Fall 2014.

  • Baker Ripley Neighborhood Center

    • 2010
    • Houston, Texas
    • K-5 school, public library, business incubator, health/fitness center, art center, ampitheather, and public park

    The campus of the Baker Ripley Neighborhood Center supports a large underserved and ethnically diverse population in the Gulfton/Sharpstown neighborhood of southwest Houston. The master-planning component of this project included six months of intense community engagement with residents to identify site assets and future needs.

  • Emeryville Center of Community Life

    • In Progress
    • Emeryville, CA
    • PreK-12 school, athletic fields, wellness center, public library, city recreation facilities, community meeting rooms, welcome center

    The Emeryville Center for Community Life (ECCL) was conceived as a community nexus where schools, community services, art and recreation programs are strategically integrated to forge a vibrant and healthy gathering place for the entire Emeryville community. The project is currently in the Construction Documents phase.

  • Choice Neighborhoods Initiative: Iberville-Tremé

    • In Progress
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Multi-family housing, retail, recreational space, transportation center, urban design

    Concordia is part of a team that was selected by the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) and the City of New Orleans to redevelop the Iberville Public Housing Projects, the last of five major housing redevelopment projects in the city.

  • Wai‘anae Coast Community Dialogues

    • 2012
    • O‘ahu, HI
    • Community engagement, school program development and design

    Concordia worked with Kamehameha Schools and the Wai‘anae Coast community to develop a vision for the delivery of high quality education to local children and their families. By working closely with counterparts on the Ka Pua team, Concordia was able to develop a comprehensive and inclusive strategy to engage the local population in formulating an education plan.

  • Tornado Rebuilding Master Plan

    • 2012
    • Springfield, MA
    • Recovery planning

    Concordia led a citywide planning process in Springfield, Massachusetts as the city worked to recover from a devastating tornado. These meetings were not simply lecture-style gatherings, but opportunities for residents and stakeholders to sit around small tables and have lengthy discussions and conversations about issues and projects that were important to them.

  • Citizen’s Guides to Urban Design and Land Use

    • 2011
    • Louisiana
    • Urban design, graphic design

    Concordia designed two publications for the Foundation for Louisiana to serve as guides for residents to better understand issues regarding urban design and land use.

  • Ashe Cultural Arts Center

    • In Progress
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Gallery and performance art center

    Located in the heart of Central City New Orleans, the Ashe Cultural Arts Center renovation includes a lobby and marketplace for displaying African art and textiles, a performance and exhibition space, and office suite for the Ashe team. The design concept is based on oral tradition and storytelling in African culture.

  • Hubbell Library Renovations

    • 2013
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Library, renovation, historic preservation

    The Cita D. Hubbell Library was built as a Carnegie library in 1907 and suffered wind damage from Hurricane Katrina to the historic roof and windows. Concordia outlined necessary repairs and also proposed additional improvements, focusing on environmental sustainability, hurricane resistance, and suggestions from library staff.

  • Nunez Community College Fine Arts Center

    • 2016
    • Chalmette, LA
    • Fine arts center, theater, lounge, early childhood

    The State of Louisiana commissioned Concordia to design a replacement for the Fine Arts Center at Nunez Community College, which flooded during Hurricane Katrina. A new two story building will house the fine and performing arts programs as well as an early childhood teaching program. The new center features a black box theater and student lounge, along with art studios for painting, sculpture, printing, and graphic design.

  • First Street Residence

    • 2015
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Residential

    This double shotgun camelback in the Irish Channel neighborhood of New Orleans was restored and renovated to suit the new owners. Through their non-profit work, the owners were both committed to making New Orleans a better place to live, work and play. They wanted a historic home with architectural detail, but didn’t mind rolling up… Continue reading

  • The Groves at Mile Branch Creek

    • 2011
    • Covington, LA
    • Single and multi family housing, community center

    The Groves at Mile Branch Creek is a single and multi family affordable housing development comprising 22 buildings, which include 94 rental units and a community resource center. The buildings not only respect the historic fabric of the Covington community but also reflect contemporary art and culture.

  • Neron Place Residence

    • 2007
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Single family residence

    The LEED Gold Neron Place Residence is a modern interpretation of the traditional south Louisiana vernacular as well as an experiment in applying the principles of sacred geometry to residential design. It achieves harmony with the surrounding streetscape, with nature, and with the environment.

  • Healthy New Orleans Neighborhoods

    • 2010
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Interactive website

    In collaboration with the Louisiana Public Health Institute and the Neighborhoods Partnership Network with funding from the Kresge Foundation, Concordia assisted Healthy New Orleans Neighborhoods (HNON) to develop a systemic approach for gauging neighborhood health in New Orleans.

  • Unified New Orleans Plan

    • 2006
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Urban recovery planning

    Following Hurricane Katrina, Concordia convened and facilitated an interdisciplinary team of urban planners, architects, and community organizers to develop the Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP). Twelve national and local architecture and urban design firms collaborated to deliver ten district plans and one citywide redevelopment plan in less than five months, and the plan included voices of more than 9,000 current and displaced New Orleans residents.

  • Plaquemines Parish Housing Development Plan

    • 2011
    • Plaquemines Parish, LA
    • Housing development study

    Concordia, in partnership with local experts, served as project lead in the development of the Plaquemines Parish Preliminary Housing Development Plan. Located south of New Orleans, Plaquemines Parish is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and coastal wetlands, and was severely impacted by both Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill. Working with parish representatives to incorporate the feedback of impacted residents, the United Way of the Greater New Orleans investigated the possibility of utilizing CDBG funding to promote new housing development for low to moderate income homebuyers.

  • Mississippi Farmhouse Residence

    • 2013
    • McComb, MS

    The Mississippi Farmhouse Residence is a single family, vacation home located in rural Mississippi. The project includes a renovation to the existing farmhouse as well as an addition that includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and an outdoor patio. The design references Louisiana Arts and Crafts vernacular architecture through its generous porch space and deep overhangs, cross ventilation strategies, traditional craftsmanship, and carefully detailed finishes.

  • Lagniappe Academies Modular Campus

    • 2011
    • New Orleans, LA
    • K-8 school

    The Lagniappe Academies Modular Campus is one of the first true community schools in the city of New Orleans—it is situated within the predominantly low income, black neighborhood it serves, enabling students to walk to school and increasing a sense of collective ownership within the community. The K-8 campus, nestled in the parking lot of a former Winn Dixie grocery store, is comprised of six modular buildings, each identifiable by its unique color and all of which are connected by elevated walkways.

  • Rebuilding Léogâne

    • 2011
    • Léogâne, Haiti
    • Recovery planning

    Beginning in 2011, Concordia has worked collaboratively with the United Nations, Notre Dame University, Wirth Development, and Schools for Children of the World to expedite and coordinate planning for post-earthquake recovery in the city of Léogâne, Republic of Haiti.

  • Lusher Charter School Performing Arts Center

    • 2007
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Performing arts space

    The Lusher Charter School Performing Arts Center features a 3,600 square-foot performing arts space as well as drama and dance studios with sprung wood floors. This facility was designed in collaboration with students, faculty and parents and has become the centerpiece for outdoor performances and morning faculty meetings.

  • School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish

    • 2008
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Facilites master planning

    Concordia was the lead partner of a major multi-disciplinary team that was selected by the State of Louisiana Department of Education to develop a Master Plan for redevelopment of the public school facilities in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The scope of work included assessing existing buildings and sites, analyzing program and design standards, and providing recommendations on the renovation or rebuilding of public school facilities in Orleans Parish.

  • Jefferson Economic Development Commission Headquarters

    • 2011
    • Avondale, LA
    • Business incubator and offices

    The project’s design has been said to reflect progressive movement and innovative thinking. The Jefferson Economic Development Commission (JEDCO) Headquarters is a center for business development and growth. In addition to its energy efficient systems and technological capabilities, the complex features an impressive art collection from some of the area’s most popular artists.

  • Ground Zero: A Place for Silence and Listening

    • 2003
    • New York, NY
    • 9/11 Memorial

    After the towers of the World Trade Center fell to the ground, a polarized debate about what would replace them ensued.  On one side, the affairs of power and commerce are represented, proposing initially to rebuild the towers in their former glory, and on the other side, there are the affairs of the heart, opting… Continue reading

  • Liberia Renaissance Education Complex

    • 2008
    • Monrovia, Liberia
    • K-8 school

    Instead of focusing on which elementary school is the best, which middle school has the best sports teams, or which high school offers the most innovative college prep courses, Liberians fight a daily battle to find food to feed their families and ways to pay for medical care. Concordia collaborated with the Big Picture Company (Providence, Rhode Island) to develop a school master plan for underprivileged children in Monrovia, Liberia.

  • Central City Neighborhood Revitalization

    • 2004
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Community planning

    Concordia facilitated a community planning process for the neighborhood of Central City in New Orleans, which resulted in a comprehensive plan and served to create the Central City Renaissance Alliance, a nonprofit composed of community leaders charged to implement the resulting plan.

  • Contemporary Arts Center

    • 1990
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Museum, art center, cafe

    Developed through a process of interdisciplinary collaboration, Concordia’s renovation of the Contemporary Arts Center creates a richly layered building that integrates sculptural work to complement the architecture. Concordia worked with national arts advisers and local curators to select the artists.

  • Henry Ford Academy

    • 2001
    • Dearborn, MI

    The Henry Ford Academy, winner of the CEFPI James D. MacConnell Award, is a community school located completely within the Henry Ford Museum campus in Dearborn, Michigan. A rigorous engagement process included the museum staff, along with students and teachers, in the design process for the academy, meeting the MacConnell Award’s criteria of comprehensive planning that results in “educational facilities that serve the community” and enhance educational programming.

  • Santa Monica-Malibu School District Master Plan

    • 2007
    • Santa Monica and Malibu, CA
    • Educational planning

    Concordia, in partnership with Harvey Ellis Devereaux Architects in Los Angeles, conducted an educational facilities master plan for the Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District in Santa Monica, California. At community meetings, local residents used drawings and massing models to develop these site plans as part of the active engagement process.

  • The Ogden Museum of Southern Art

    • 1998
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Museum addition

    The Stephen Goldring Hall, an addition to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, houses the art collections, exhibition spaces, a museum store, art vault, administrative offices, and the Goldring-Woldenberg Institute for the Advancement of Southern Art and Culture. The building reflects the distinctive historic architecture of the surrounding Warehouse District. The design process presented many… Continue reading

  • Florida Housing Development

    • 2000
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Multi-family housing, community center

    The Florida Public Housing Development, constructed between 1941 and 1946, is comprised of 67 brick buildings on a 26.1 acre site. Concordia was selected to design a master plan and to build Phase I of the revitalization of the development. Through Concordia’s community-based master planning and design process, the residents determined the direction of the design.

  • The Metropolitan Center

    • 1995
    • Providence, RI
    • High School & Technical Center, shared community facilities

    To facilitate a community-based master plan for the future expansion of their downtown campus, Concordia’s planning process engaged the Metropolitan Center’s administrators, teachers, parents and students as well as local business, resident and nonprofit stakeholders from the South Providence community. Each of the four small schools is an individual, stand alone building, housing 115 high school students.

  • New Orleans Insectarium

    • 1993
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Museum, gallery, botanical garden, greenhouse

    The New Orleans Insectarium includes an insect museum, outdoor botanical garden, underground exhibition gallery, educational exhibits, and a vaulted butterfly greenhouse. The building’s roof shapes and other architectural details mimic the forms, textures, patterns and graphic patterns of insects and the natural world.

  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

    • 1990
    • New Orleans, LA

    Concordia and four other New Orleans architectural firms established the “Bienville Group,” a joint venture commissioned to design the $40 million Aquarium of the Americas and Woldenberg Riverfront Park. The design of the aquarium was strongly influenced by the need to accommodate entire habitats that give visitors a view of nature both above and below water.

  • Jackson Brewery Development

    • 1989
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Adaptive reuse, renovation, new construction, retail, commercial, residential, development

    The Brewhouse at the Jackson Brewery was the first major addition of contemporary architecture to the historic French Quarter in over 80 years. The design and construction of the 85,000 square foot renovation was accomplished in less than two years notwithstanding requirements for review and approval by the Vieux Carré Commission, U.S. Department of Interior, City Planning Commission, Army Corps of Engineers, Public Belt Railroad and New Orleans Levee Board.