Project Update: George V. Rainey Natatorium at Morris F.X. Jeff Park

We’re thrilled to be a part of the transformational renovation of the George V. Rainey Natatorium at Morris F.X. Jeff Park, formerly known as Behrman Park! The complex, located on the West Bank of New Orleans, will become a state-of-the-art year-round aquatics facility for the New Orleans Recreation Department (NORD).

“The Community has long awaited the renovation and opening of this beloved public facility”, said Baha Javadi, Director of Co-Design at Concordia. “We are excited to be under construction and look forward to seeing New Orleans residents activate it next year!”

As part of the New Orleans City Council Renaming project in 2021, Behrman Park was renamed to Morris F.X. Jeff Park, honoring the pioneer who developed tailored programs for African-American children during segregation.

Most recently, our team witnessed the concrete pouring of the new pool structure, which will be part of the comprehensive renovation that better suits the needs of the neighborhood! Other aspects of the new 11,000 SF aquatic center include an enclosed pool area that can be used year-round, a dynamic outdoor splash pad, upgraded family restroom building, and new locker rooms. Our goal is to create a vibrant space that celebrates community, recreation, and education — a goal that aligns deeply with our ethos as a company.

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